Sidewalk Cafe

Our Sidewalk Cafe provides for dining in a restaurant style atmosphere. We teach our students portion control as well as taking some of each menu item and at least trying something new once before deciding they do not like it. Also, our teachers sit down and eat with the children to model proper table manners and etiquette. This provides the opportunity for our teachers to build a closer relationship with our students by engaging the children in conversation as they eat.

Our 4 rotating menus are based off the USDA guidelines for all meals and snacks and only 100% juice is served. A healthy breakfast is served each morning to help our students start off their day on a good meal. A nutritionally well-balanced meal is provided for lunch including at least one menu item from each food group. A healthy snack served in each classroom is also provided in the afternoon including fresh fruit each week. Our students who are not 2 yrs old yet eat all meals in their classrooms to make transitions easier for them.

To provide the utmost safety for our students, all outside food brought in for parties, etc must be store bought and sealed in its original container. This allows us to make sure there are no allergens in the food served and that it was safely made in an inspected food serving facility. Our school is pork free facility due to several families in our area who do not partake of this food and peanut free facility due to to this common and severe allergen. If your child has allergies, please notify the front desk, and we will make sure the kitchen staff and your child’s classroom teachers know so that we can keep him/her as safe as possible.

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