NEW Fall 2020 School-Age Options!

As the new school year approaches, there are a variety of ways that your school age child will “attend” school for this year depending on each local school district’s decision for the year. At Foundations, we are here to help you and your student in every way possible to navigate the unique teaching and learning methods. These are trying times making it even harder for us as parents to make the best decisions regarding education for our children. We aim to provide the safest and most effective environment for your student to learn and grow. We look forward to working with you this year to provide a first-class educational experience for your student and giving you as parents peace of mind.

Virtual Learning Academy (School day only)

Virtual Learning Academy rooms are available for families who choose online learning but need a designated adult to help guide students through the process. Classrooms will be equipped with individual learning areas spaced throughout the classroom. Flex seating such as stability balls, soft vinyl seating, reclining floor chairs, and even standing desks allow each   student to choose the most comfortable learning environment. Each student will be provided their own supply crate to easily carry all school supplies throughout the classroom. A dedicated teacher will not only help students navigate the online learning platform and assignments but will also tutor students as needed. Our students will be trained in the use of a calendar or agenda to help them stay on track and keep up with assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests. This along with daily reports sent home will keep you aware of where your student is in their progress and what assignments have been completed. A structured PE time will also be provided which include stretches and exercises, fun large motor games, sports, and other non-contact physical activities. The virtual learning academy will be available during normal school hours for the online learning platform in which your student is enrolled. To meet the technology needs of our students, a dedicated network will be available with upgraded bandwidth. A CIPA certified content filter will be installed on our network, with an optional app installed on all devices, to prevent unwanted exposure to inappropriate internet content at both school and home.

Benefits of Foundations Academy Virtual Learning Academy:

Comfortable flex seating, individual learning environments that fit your students’ preferred needs

• Dedicated network with upgraded bandwidth

CIPA certified content filters provided for each student’s personal learning device that can also be used at home

Each classroom independently heated and cooled (as opposed to ISD building-wide recycled air)

• Smaller class ratios with a dedicated teacher

• Independent/separate classes all day including instructional time, meals, and outside time

• Teacher ensures assignments and virtual meetings are attended and offer tutoring help

• Students trained on use of calendar or agenda to keep track of school work

• Daily reports that keep parents aware of student progress

• Structured PE time for mental and physical health (includes brain breaks)

• Meals and snacks included

COVID-19 safety measures including screening before entering the building, increased disinfecting procedures, and limited access to the building to only enrolled students and staff

• WatchMeGrow online camera system

Virtual Learning Academy (Full day)

Includes all the benefits of the school day only Virtual Learning Academy, but provides full day care for those that also need before and after school care. The day will include a program similar to our traditional before and after school program except these students will have their own classroom and not be mixed with the students attending a public school. The program consists of fun games, crafts, and other activities to help your student relax and unwind after the school day.

Before and After School Program

If your student only needs before and after school care and will be attending the local public school in person, our traditional before and after school program will be available. Our before and after school program provides a safe and fun environment for your student to relax and unwind after the long school day. We provide transportation to and from local public schools. At Foundations, the increased COVID-19 safety measures are still in place such as temperature and questions screening process before entering the building as well as the increased disinfecting and sanitizing measures and methods used. Extra COVID-19 safety procedures will be used while on our buses to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Students are provided breakfast in the morning before school as well as calming activities to get them mentally prepared for the school day. After school, students participate in homework help and tutoring, fun games, arts and crafts, and other various activities. Snack is provided shortly after they arrive at the center.