Here at Foundations Academy, we focus on the main academic areas but also include extra curricular instructional time in our day to provide a well rounded educational experience for your child.



We provide Spanish lessons each day for ages 2+.  We incorporate the Spanish Champs curriculum which is a conversational Spanish program that utilizes music as a means to educate through a fun and interactive environment.


JumpStart! is a physical education class that we provide each week for ages 3+.  Our students engage in fun, exciting activities while also learning about health and nutrition topics from a certified coach.


3rd Party Services (requires extra fee to participate)

SoccerShots provides a fun and positive soccer experience for every student enrolled!

The Big Green Gym Bus comes weekly and provides fun and exciting gymnastics activities!

Dance Fun is a weekly dance opportunity for students to teach them basics of dance, health and physical fitness.

For more information, please click on the appropriate link or speak with the front desk.